• The Puf Case

    The first ever perfume phone case that is rechargeable
    with your favorite scent.

    Refill it. Spray it. Enjoy it.

The Puf Experience

.what can Puf do for you?

Take it anywhere!

Whenever you are on the move, either in gym or in the airport, you can forget about your perfume bottle
when you have the Puf Case.

Chargeable - Rechargeable

Charge it with your own perfume. As the case is rechargeable and we offer cleaning solution as well,
you can always change your perfume whenever you need it most, without mixing the perfumes.

Protects your phone

Your phone’s safety is also a priority, therefore we made sure that the case itself is of top quality and protects your phone from heat, shock and spillage.

Made for you

From female to male, from student to worker, from elegant to hipster, young or old, the minimalist design is fit for everyone. With a various options of colors and premium materials we made sure that everyone can identify with our product.

Mark your presence

Raise your confidence with one Puf. We know how important it is for you to mark your presence in the current society and we are here to help by making sure you never have to worry about your scent ever again.


10ml capacity

Lasts an average of 10 days

Two motion button

Prevents accidental discharge


Device for emitting perfume

Slick design

3mm thicker than a regular case

Premium material

Silicone or leather

Rechargeable valve

Fits any type of perfume


Silicone Case

Leather Case

Compatibility: iPhone 6 and newer / Samsung S7 and newer / Depending on demand, we can tailor it to almost any phone

Easy to charge

One of the most unique characteristcs of the case, is that it is refillable. Remove the lid of your perfume and press the case on the perfume valve for 10 seconds. It’s that simple!.

Two motion button

The 2 motion botton is in place in order to prevent accidental discharge of the perfume in your pocket or handbag.

10ml capacity

The case includes a 10ml capacity reservoir which is based on the average used by any person per week. After thorough testing, we realised that it’s the perfect amount, so you always have enough.

Behind the idea

Don't you hate when you are in a rush and forget to put perfume on? Or how about the difficulty of carrying your favourite brand with you? How often did you forget your perfume at home? Puf is here to solve the above issues. Our product brings elegance and technology together. We created the perfect case for one of your many problems. It looks like a normal case but it's so much more.

We loved working on this project. Like it?

Our story

It all started by combing three key areas. People, phones and perfumes. We realised that there is a way to combine all three into a brilliant product. Nowadays, people don’t have enough hours in the day to get on with their lives. We wanted to help by reducing one problem from the day to day activity. Forgetting to put your favorite perfume on or not having it when you need it most. Why do we have to carry those big bottles with us ? Why do we have to fill mini samples and remember to put them in our bags? Surely, there must be a better way and PUF is here to answer many questions.